Mathews Makina a.k.a  Computer wins the 6th Individual Draughts-64 Championship with 14 points, William Christian Chinzewe came second with 13 points and FM Mwaaza Sakala came third with 12 points.

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The Zambian Draughts 64 Annual tournament which started yesterday has reached a boiling point after six rounds of play so far. With three rounds to go the twelve year old lad William Chizewe still maintaining a strong grip and currently on position four out of twenty eight competitive players.

Interestingly, the games are far from over as tomorrow the 22nd of April, 2019 will be the closing day and will separate men from boys after the final three decisive rounds of a total of nine rounds.

don't miss the final update tomorrow!

See the tournament table here

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The 5th National Draughts-64 Tournament will be held from 20th April to 22nd April, 2019  at the Olympic Youth Development Centre (OYDC) in Lusaka. Strongest players from  all  corners  of Zambia will take part in the competition. Some of the notable players to participate are GMI Lukanga "Dox" Mambwe  - 2016 Gold medalist in Rapid Tournament, he represented Zambia at the world Championship in 2017 and he's  currently the reigning  African Champion in Draughts-64. Guest player from The Democratic Republic of Congo GMI Richard Muganza Mwamba,  winner of the first African Draughts-64 Championship in 2016 and in 2017 he represented his country at the World Championship in Saint Petersburg, Russia.  Federation Master (FM) Elias Munkondia , winner of the Silver medal in African Championship Rapid category in 2016 and he's Zambian Champion 2017 and 2018 respectively.  Experienced Federation Master (FM) Mwaaza Sakala  - 2014 National Champion and  the first Zambian representative  at the World Championships in 2013 and 2015 will also be at the tournament to showcase his expertise on the board. Not forgetting Federation Master (FM) Kennedy Phi ... Read more »

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In the month of February, 2019, African Vice champion in Draughts-64, International Master Enock Makoka Banda a.k.a Enozirik-64 stormed Lusaka to lock horns with Zambian giant players in Draughts-64 marathorns. IM Enock’s first Match was against a young boy called Elijah Chanda aka Chameleon. The young lad surprised IM Enock after few draws when he produced a sensational score to take the lead. It took IM Enock to dig deeper to find an equalizer which came in the ninth game. So it ended in stalemate after 20 grueling games.
After some good rest IM Enock met his fellow master in the name of Kennedy " Krinsman " Phiri, it was another hard nut to crack, but at the end of the 20 agonizing games the boy was separated from the man as it ended 2-1 in favour of Malawi Legend. 
His third match was against another Zambian veteran called Alimon Ronaldo Mshanga, who was not spared either. Mshanga painfully lost 3-4 to the IM Enock
His forth match was against Zambian Champion, FM Elias Munkondia, unlike all matches this match embraced all internationals rules thus, the use of clock, use of ballots and game recording. This is where the venomous IM Enock showed his real dexterity as he mercilessly massacred FM Elias 8-4
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The 2nd African Draughts-64 Championship hosted by Malawi in the commercial city of Blantyre attracted 34 strong players from eight  countries.  Zambia was represented by 6 best players who were accompanied by the Zambia Draughts Federation President Mr Bornwell Mweemba and General Secretary Mr Raphael Phiri. The Zambian  players who featured in the tournament were the current national champion Elias Munkondia from Kanyama Draughts Club, Lukanga "Dox" Mambwe from Kaunda Square Draughts Club, Kennedy Phiri, Makina Mathews, Mwaaza Sakala from Mandevu Draughts Club and Perry Kampamba from Mtendere Draughts Club. Lukanga Mambwe of Zambia won the classic program and was awarded the title of International Grandmaster. Enock Makoka Banda from Malawi lost to the champion on additional criteria. He was ranked second and was awarded the title of International Master. Another Malawian player F.M  Madalitso Thoma was third. For more details, click here      -    Sakala's G ... Read more »

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The 2018 Draughts-64 Tournament was held at Justine Kabwe Primary School in Lusaka under the supervision of Mr. Raphael Phiri as Tournament Referee together with the Zambia Draughts Federation Executive Committee. The defending champion - Elias Munkondia won the tournament, Kennedy Phiri came second and GMI Richard Mwamba came third.

The tournament was held in two phases and that is:

– Phase One were all thirty four (34) participating players played Pool Checkers using the Swiss system of 9 rounds and out of which only twelve (12) players qualified and were selected to the final stage.
– Phase Two was the final tournament of twelve (12) players who fully played in Russian Draughts using random openings and on round robin basis (totaling 11 rounds) of which the group winner became Zambia Draughts National Champion for the year 2018 while the other five (5) runners up qualified together with the Champion to the forth-coming African Championship to be held in Malawi from 8th-14th July, 2018.

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The world draughts-64 championship for men and women was held  from 19th October (arrival day) till 29th October (departure day) 2017 in St. Petersburg (Russia) at the hotel “Moscow.  Competitions were held separately for men and women in three categories : Blitz, Rapid and Classic. A Zambian player Lukanga Mambwe who won the Rapid tournament in the first African draughts-64 championship in 2016 also participated in the tournament to showcase his talent at international level. To get the details of the tournament, click here.

On your right, Lukanga Mambwe playing the Russian GMI Tsinman Dmitri

Other African countries which were represented at the 2017 world championship were Ethiopia, Mozambique, Angola, Congo Brazzaville, Congo Dr, Ghana, Malawi, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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Elias Munkondia emerged winner in the 2017 Rapid draughts-64 tournament (Pool Version) which started on Friday 12-14 at Heroes Lodge in Lusaka. 

Interestingly, after the tournament, ZDF also elected new office bearers in an elective AGM for the next three years. Election results are as follows.


1. President : Clement Mphange got 16 votes against Raphael Lesa 13 votes


2. Vice President : Raphael Lesa was again nominated for the V/Presidency and walked away unopposed

2. General Secretary : Raphael Phiri  got 17 votes against Daniel Chipimpa who got 7 votes

3. Treasurer : Lukanga Mambwe was unopposed

4. Tournament Director : Mwaaza Sakala  was unopposed

5. Technical Adviser  : Hermen Kroesbergen - unopposed

6. Publicity & Public Relationa Officer : Daniel Chipimpa got 14 votes against his challenger Abson Phiri who had 13 votes


Trustees selected are Matthews Makina and Abson Phiri

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The Zambia Draughts Federation (ZDF) presents to you the 2017 Annual National Draughts-64 Tournament(Pool Checkers Version) to take place at Heroes Lodge in Lusaka from 12 -14 May, 2017. The winner of this 2017 national tournament will be awarded a Master Federation(MF) Title from the International Draughts Federation (IDF). Places from number 1-7 will also receive money prizes! Participation fee  is K20 only !! 

 Kindly note that on Sunday 14 May at 15:00 hrs, the tournament will immediately be followed by the elective AGM of the Zambia Draughts Federation (ZDF). As usual we invite all draughts enthusiasts to attend so that together we can revive and build this great sport in our nation!!

The selected top 10 players in this 2017 National Tournament will again battle in another  special Round Robin Tournament (Russian Version) in August this year at the Olympic Youth Development Centre (OYDC) in Lusaka. Full international rules in classic program of 45 minutes allotted on each side of the clock will apply. In this tournament, the recording of games by players is compulsory !!


On behalf of the Zambia Draughts Federation (ZDF),

Mwaa ... Read more »

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Lukanga Mambwe from Zambia became the winner of the first African Draughts-64 Championship in Rapid. Richard Mwammba from Congo (DR) become the winner of the first Draughts-64 Championship in Classic.   

Richard Mwaamba

Lukanga Mambwe



Opening      Rapid       Classic     Closing

Resuls :   Rapid    ... Read more »

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