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Kennedy " Klinsman " Phiri a winner of provincial tornament held at OYDC was recentry defeated 5-1 with numerous draws by an illustrious Zambian grandmaster, Mr Tentani Mwanzah. It was also reported that about one or two weeks ago, Kennedy"Klinsman"Phiri won Mr Mwanzah 3-2 and the other day he won 4-2. Before that disastrous defeat on the side of Kennedy "Klinsman" Phiri, Mr Mwanzah had to beat Kennedy Phiri 1-0 on 4th May 2011 and this is what he wrote" Be informed that i sorted out Mizyu 1 goal to nil and today 5 goals to 1 goal. Any boy i will find in the ring, i will destroy."

1. Tentani Mwanzah 5 - 1 Kennedy Phiri 05/05/2011

2. Tentani Mwanzah 1 - 0 Kennedy Phiri 04/05/2011
3. Kennedy Phiri 4 - 2 Tentani Mwanzah Date not known
4. Kennedy Phiri 3 - 2 Tentani Mwanzah Date not known
5. Kennedy Phiri 1 - 0 Albert Shamuwele 13/05/2011
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The formation of Zambia Draughts Federation will bring great joy in the lives of the pool checkers players in Zambia.So far so good, the constitution for ZDF  is almost done and probably next week we shall submit an application letter to the National Sports Councile Of Zambia (NSCZ) for registration.
Many more thanks go to all the people that have contributed to the bringing of people together so that we could consider forming an association.
We  appreciate all you guys who are ready to selflessly work together in spear-heading our Federation. I cannot forget to thank Mr Jake Kacher for helping me to create this website for the benefit of all. Above all, let groly be to God the creator for everything, Amen!!
Mwaaza Sakala, ... Read more »
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