ZDF is a non-profit making organisation whose purposes and goals include increasing and pepertuating interest in the game of draughts by promoting national tournaments, international team matches, world title matches both physically and online and also by encouraging regional,district and provincial tournaments in both 8x8 and 10x10 draughts variants for both youths and adults. Within its jurisdiction; also to co-operate in a friedly manner with similler associations or federations of other countries and players of other countries, for the general advancement of the game throughout Africa and the world at large.
visitors and friends:
Please, feel free and comfortable to browse our website and of course you are very much at liberty to register as ZDF website memebers any time you feel like doing so.
Dear Prospective Donors/Sponsors
We graciously welcome any form of gift or support you can render to our  Federation to keep us in good shape as we run our programs of supporting mind sport activities ranging from the youths to the adults.Any form of help, will be highly appreciated. 

For more information,you can contact the following ZDF officials :
1. The President Mr Tentani Mwanzah on +26 0977 873 388 E-mail Address  tentanimm@yahoo.com  / zambiandraughtsfederation92@gmail.com
2. You can also contact the ZDF Secretary Mr. Godfrey Kawanda on mobile # 0026 0977 865 595 , E-mail godfreykawanda@gmail.com

Mailing Address : Zambia Draughts Federation P.O.Box 30982 Luska - 10101 Zambia. E-mail: zambiandraughtsfederation92@gmail.com