Greeting Zambian Players!

This page is dedicated to the Art of Draughts, with interesting shots, endings, games and ideas - enjoy!
Let's start with The First Zambian Solutions Contest, in all positions below black side moves first and wins.

Mr. Mwaaza Sakala, the site's webmaster, was the only participant - he solved most of the shots and is the winner of the contest. I know that he tried very hard to engage other players to participate, but perhaps they are not  ready for a checkers site.

See Solutions (the solutions are playable, once inside use > to see moves live)
Position 1 (2)
Position 2 (0)
Position 3 (1)
Position 4 (0)
Position 5 (1)
Position 6 (0)
Position 7 (0)
Position 8 (0)
Please print and distribute these positions to players, send solutions to
You can also contact site editor, Mr. Mwaaza Sakala or enter solutions directly on screen.
For samples on how to record the moves see (and print) Board Numbers and Game Rules.