Draughts Training
2012-07-20, 6:28 PM On Sunday 7th July 2012, Kennedy Phiri and Elias Munkondia both draughts giants (Zambian Top masters ) were invited by the ZDF president Mr. Tentani Mwanzah to face each other in a 10x10 draughts match at his residence. The ZDF president acted as a referee and Elias Munkondia the winner of OlympAfrica 10x10 Tournament dismantled kennedy Phiri 4-1 to maintain his reputation as a 10x10 Zambian draughts Champion.

2. The following day on 8th May, Kennedy Phiri as a wounded Buffalo visited Tentani Mwanzah at his car park for an 8x8 draughts marathon "Pool Checkers" where Kennedy "Klinsman" Phiri massacred Tentani Mwanzah 13-1 with a countless draws.

3. A day later, the duo met for another Pool Checkers marathon at the same venue and this time it was another volcanic defeat where Kennedy Phiri gave Tentani Mwanzah 14-4.

4. On 14 May 2012, when Elias Munkonda heard of the deeds of Kennedy Phiri, he decided to pay him a visit so that he could give him another discipline and quickly arranged for a 10x10 marathon the same day which started at 08:00 hours AM and ended at 10:00 PM. Elias Munkondia dismantled Kennedy Phiri 10-6 .

5. Again on 18th July, Kennedy Phiri defeated Tentani Mwanzah 11-4 in an 8x8 draughts / Pool Checkers match at Saint Steve's Secondary School.


A wounded buffalo Kennedy "Klinsman" Phiri defeated Elias Munkondia 10-8 in a marathon match which started at 11:00 AM hours on 05/08/2012 to the following day on 06/08/2012 at 06:00 AM. Kennedy "Klinsman" Phiri 10 Vs 8 Elias "Kandende" Munkondia

15 AUGUST 2012
Marathon started at 20;00 PM to 08:00 AM. Below are the scores indicating the defeat of Kennedy with 7 draws ;

Elias "Kandede" Munkondia 5 Vs 3 Kenndey "Klinsman" Phiri

These two gentlemen are preparing for the 2014 International 10x10 Draughts Africa Cup.


International 10x10 draughts marathon which started at 20:00 PM to 10:00 AM. Find the results below ;

Elias "Ka ndede" Munkondia 7 Vs 6 Kennedy "Klinsman" Phiri (8 draws)

More updates to come   !