Kennedy " Klinsman " Phiri a winner of provincial tornament held at OYDC was recentry defeated 5-1 with numerous draws by an illustrious Zambian grandmaster, Mr Tentani Mwanzah. It was also reported that about one or two weeks ago, Kennedy"Klinsman"Phiri won Mr Mwanzah 3-2 and the other day he won 4-2. Before that disastrous defeat on the side of Kennedy "Klinsman" Phiri, Mr Mwanzah had to beat Kennedy Phiri 1-0 on 4th May 2011 and this is what he wrote" Be informed that i sorted out Mizyu 1 goal to nil and today 5 goals to 1 goal. Any boy i will find in the ring, i will destroy."


Tentani Mwanzah 5 - 1 Kennedy Phiri 05/05/2011
Tentani Mwanzah 1 - 0 Kennedy Phiri 04/05/2011
Kennedy Phiri 4 - 2 Tentani Mwanzah Date not known
Kennedy Phiri 3 - 2 Tentani Mwanzah Date not known
Kennedy Phiri 1 - 0 Albert Shamuwele 13/05/2011

Kennedy Phiri in a blue shirt playing Albert Shamuwele in a 4 games match which ended 2-1 in favour of Kennedy Phiri.