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2019 ZDF Calendar of Activities Updated !!

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Reliving Reverend Foston Sakala’s life


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A WIDELY played but not popular sport – draught – has been reintroduced in Zambia.
The sport, which will be run by the Zambia Draughts Federation (ZDF), has also been registered with the National Sports Council of Zambia (NSCZ).
ZDF president Tentani Mwanzah said in an interview in Lusaka on Wednesday that the federation registered with the NSCZ on April 1 this year.
Mwanzah said the sport, which existed in the 1980s, went under in the 1990s after the privatisation of mines.
Mwanzah said the sport should be supported because it would help empower youths.
He also said his executive has incorporated a player from The Netherlands, Hermen Kroesberoen, to help in connecting the federation with the International Draughts Federation.
Kroesberoen, who plays for the Dutch national team, is also technical advisor for ZDF.
ZDF director for publicity and public relations Inambao Inambao said the federation would work with existing clubs in communities and workplaces.
Inambao also said the federation will introduce the sport in schools.
And Kroesberoen said he accepted to assume the role of technical advisor because he has seen potential in Zambian players.

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Underwater draughts championships in Estonia

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The 2008 Russian draughts 8x8 Tournament in China

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Draughts 8x8 known as Pool Checkers  Tournament Rules Of Play.

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The 2008 Brazilian draughts 8x8 Tournament in China

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