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Zambian Draughts Tournament Rules of Play
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Draughts known as Pool Checkers, is a gentleman's game.

Draughts is played everywhere in the world, in United States of America, South America, Europe Asia and Africa. Like Russian and Brazilian checkers, kings are flying kings. Rules are very similar to Russian checkers, Brazilian and International 10x10 but the men stop on the last line when they become kings.
This game is played on a 8x8 board (64 squares). Double corner is on the right of each player. Moves of the men (pieces) The men can move on each square forward left and forward right if it is empty. When they arrive on the last line, and stop on it, they become kings.
It becomes a "king” providing it is not compelled to continue its jumping pattern outside of the king row. If it becomes a king, it should be crowned. After crowning, it is the opponent’s time to move. If an uncrowned piece lands in the king row during its capturing play, must continue capturing because an opposing piece is on the square immediately next to the king row with a vacant square behind it, the piece must continue capturing.
When the play ends, the capturing piece is not a king unless the last move lands it in the king row again. Move of the kings(flying king) The kings can move on all the squares which are on the 2 diagonals that cross where they are, if there is no piece between them and the arrival square.
Captures If you have the choice between several captures, you can choose the one that you want (maximum or not maximum) ; but you can only stop in a square where there is nothing more to capture. Capture by the men The men can capture forward and backward, by jumping over 1 opponent piece (man or king), if the piece is near it, and the following square is empty. If they can jump again from the arrival square, they must continue the capture.
Capture by a king:
 The king can capture a piece if it is on the same diagonal than it, if there are only empty squares between them, and if the following square is empty. It can stop on whatever square on the same line. If a new capture is possible from one of these squares, it must continue the capture.
Who wins ?
A win occurs when one player captures or blocks all of his opponent’s pieces or when a standard rule is violated-including that of time when the crock is used. There may be draw if : -opponents agree for a draw(that is when neither side can force a win. - the same position is encountered 3 times - they are 3 kings against 1 king . In this case, the player who has the 3 kings must win within 12 moves (even if the 13th move is a capture).
12 Count rule:
The lone king must be caught before the player with the lone king counts twelve, or the game is declared a draw. The first count starts with the first move of the lone king.
Each move by the lone, including jumps counts as one move. The rule is used only when there four pieces on the board, and all pieces are king.
If the lone king has the long line known as "broad way” and the stronger side refuses to accept the draw, then the stronger side has to catch the lone king within five(5) minutes. Individual Tournament During Individual Tournaments, all tournament games shall be recorded. This rule can be modified at the discretion of the Tournament Director. Both players must complete their(10 games) within 7 hours, that is to mean each game must take 40 minute.
The Tournament Director shall institute crocks where there are incidents that necessitate it. Incidents that dictate the usage of double crocks at the begging of the match, the Tournament Director shall place 20 minutes on each side. Additionally, crocks at the tournament games are not mandatory.
They will only be used when the Tournament Officials determine that they are necessary. A false, improper or illegal move is called to the opponent’s attention and a proper or legal move is made. Improper moving including the failure to capture when possible or failure to complete a jump. The player who continues to make false or improper moves in the eyes of the referee shall instantly forfeit the game without another move being made. Either player may, on giving satisfactory notice to his opponent, arrange his own or his opponent’s pieces properly on the squares. Suspension Pleas note : That Suspension does not exist in the International Standard Rules of Play.
Club to Club Tournament :
Each Club during league games shall be represented by a limited number of 6 best players of their choice to battle against 6 from the other side. In a Tournament or league games, each win counts 3 points ;a draw counts 1 point and a loss 0. Substitution Only a limited number of 3 players shall be allowed for sustitution.
All players and the Tournament Committee are compelled to follow the rules and to carry out the penalties as stated. The decision of the Tournament Committee is final and no re-dress is possible. Draughts is a gentleman’s game. Be courteous and try to maintain the integrity of the game. Play by the rules and ask your opponent to do the same-in a kind way. For queries or clarifications,  you can email zambiandraughtsfederation92@gmail.com  
Mailing Address : Zambia Draughts Federation
                             P.O.Box 30982 - 10101
                             Lusaka, Zambia.

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