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On Sunday,  May 12 at 11 am the international draughts World Title Match will be festively opened at the Tallinn Nordic Hotel Forum, where grandmasters Alexander Georgiev, four-time and current ruling world champion and three-time world champion Alexander Shwarzman as a challenger will compete for the world championship title. The head referee of the match will be Frank Teer from The Netherlands, Secretary-General of the World Draughts Federation. The match will last until May 18 and games will start every day at 10 am (except for the opening day when the games will start at noon). Anyone interested can watch the games at the venue or online at  ... Read more »
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The World 10x10  Championship will be held in Ufa, Russia from June 2 (first round) to June 19 (last round and closing ceremony). 
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Draughts men playing Pool checkers at Kapata Draughts Club in Chipata-Zambia
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A report to the APCA email list by the American Pool Checkers Association (APCA) President Mr. Clarence "ShotgunGooche who both witnessed and recorded the games and this is what he had to say

"Fellow Checkers Players,

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One of the Zambian Top Masters  Kennedy "Klinsman" Phiri of Zambia defeated Blantyre draughts champion of Malawi Jalasi "The Great" Matiyasi 3-2 in an arranged online friendly match on a gaming website called VOG www.vogclub.com. Before that, Mwaaza "Saks" Sakala played Jermaine "Tiger" Delattibudiere in a 10 games match which ended 3-3.  Watch the games http://poolcheckers.com/vog/tiger_sacks.htm.
Kennedy in a blue and white shirt practicing 10x10 draughts same day after beating Jalasi of Malawi.
Tiger of Jamaica
Saks ... Read more »
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In the 12 of July, 2012, in the town of Balchik (Bulgaria) there was established the International Draughts Federation (IDF), which became the legal successor of the FMJD Section 64. The objectives of the new federation are to develop and to promote all over the world the draughts – sports game at the traditional 64-square board, spread in the most countries of the world, to organize international sports draughts events, to organize drawing of the world and continental titles. The Federation plans to continue its cooperation with FMJD in the status of the Partner member.
The principles of work and schedule of events, taken by the Section 64 continues in the work of the International Draughts Federation. At the same time, the new organizational form will simplify the solution of many issues, ranging with the assignment of international titles an ... Read more »
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Victoria right and Nina left battling on the 10x10 draughts board at the recent women tournament in Lille - France.
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The Zambia Draughts Federation (ZDF) has received a donation of clocks from Haarlemse Damclub and Damclub Heemstede - NetherlandsHermen Kroesbergen who is working and living in Zambia confirmed the donation of clocks through Muvi Tv interview on Saturday last week.
The Zambia Draughts Federation president Mr. Tentani Mwanzah has on behalf of the Zambian draughts enthusiasts  thanked the Netherlands for the donation of clocks which  is a motivation to the Zambian draughts players wishing to compete at international level.
One of the FMJD  officials Marcel Kosters has pledged that Malawi would also receive the same gifts in the near future and this was&nbs ... Read more »
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Online 10x10 tournament will start on Monday 17th 2012

– The online draughts tournaments will start on Monday 17th 2012 . Players from all over the world will have the opportunity to face each other on the kndb online draughts platform and will have a chance to win an invitation to attend the 2012
(travel and accommodation included) and the opportunity to play against some of the world’s best professional players.On top of these fantastic prizes, Samsung Tablets and Swatch watches will also be distributed to the winners.
To join the competition, just follow this link http://draughtsserver.kndb.nl/ , register, … and start playing !
All information about the prizes can be found
on http://www.worldmindgames.net/en/news/online-tournament-started-245-16383  

... Read more »
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Mr. Alfred Barnett "Eastpoint", is the winner of the APCA Pool Checkers Tournament which started on the 9th  and ended on the of 12 of July 2012. Alfred "Eastponit" was victorius with 80 points and for more details you can follow the links below :
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