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A report to the APCA email list by the American Pool Checkers Association (APCA) President Mr. Clarence "ShotgunGooche who both witnessed and recorded the games and this is what he had to say

"Fellow Checkers Players,

Yesterday 24/01/2013, there was a 14 game rematch between Mwaaza "Saks” Sakala of Zambia and Jermaine "Demgaltiger1” Delattibudiere of Jamaica ending in 6-3 in favor of the "Great Saks” as he is referred to by Malawian players".

Another fascinating  report also to the Pool Checkers Google Groups by the Secretary 0F Draughts Association of Malawi (ADMAMr. Suzgo Alpha Nkhoma who was also the match Arbiter, and this is what he had to say;

"Game Lovers

I thought to come up with yet another lengthy report on the most awaited Re-Match that took place on VOG yesterday the 24th of January 2013, but looking at the  circumstances surrounding the group I have decided to put it in just a nut shell.

I therefore stand to announce that the outrageous Tiger which tress passed into our pool checkers jungle has been shot and is currently at comma  in the ICU.

The Tiger was warned but it did not listen, when it got into the VOG room which was as tightly packed with spectators as sardine cane, the Tiger behaved as though it had power to show off.

In three first games the Tiger tested a lead and could be seen through a morden telescope that it was jubilating thinking that the ANGEL OF NIL was manifesting. Little did it know that the real Ranger, the Giant, the Elephant magnified the major weaknesses of the toothless Tiger through another mordenised Microscope.

The Tiger new that it was in for an Angel of Nil in the tenth game which at least was played better to his side and came up with the previous 3 scores. Am sure the Tiger thought three was almost equal to an Angel of Nil.

The Giant Sacks said that he will not leave any trespassing amphibians to dominate in the Jungles of pool checker as he wants peace and tranquility to prevail and no doubt is SERIOUSLY SEARCHING FOR THE BEST MAN ON THE ISLANDS OF JAMAICA so called SHINE and not number five of so called class A.

If you remember honorable members I told you that great talkers in most cases are great liars, they lied to us that Tiger will beat Sacks with an Angel of Nil by the way what does this insult mean?

"Let pieces do the talking" Wise words from the king of the jungle and indeed pieces talked loud as Tiger was demolished 6-nil   ooooh!  sorry he manged to force 5 draws and scored just 3 so it was 6-3 at the end of 14 games.

Better if the games had ended at 10 because Tiger would have finished with a win and would think  that if they proceeded to 14th game may be he was going to revenge but alas that was not the case.

"I have killed the Tiger, My Children will eat Tiger to day" these were the words from the real and true Worrier of the Jungle, Sacks the great.

May this serve as a warning to other wild animals that don't talk too match if you do not have teeth and paws to bite because you will get the shock of your life, we have an example before us now and it has entered in history book of pool checkers.

Mr Jermmaine and not Tiger today since it is in the ICU, kindly persuade your Island best , Shine to try tress passing the pool checkers territory, once he is done then Jamaica is finally Captured and will be sent into captivity for long where there will be gnashing of teeth.

Just in a nutshell as I said, keep training guys this is the power of excitement of the game.

For the love of the game,


View the games down here  by clicking on the hyperlink !!!!!!!!!

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