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World Championship 10x10
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6 tgf  
Watching live games is so much more nerve-wracking then reviewing after they ended smile

7 Sacks  
Its good to watch these games live, at times you can't give yourself chance to have your lunch or B/fast. smile

4 Sacks  
I just wish i was there tgf. Don't worry, as Zambian Draughts Federation, we will organise and establish ourselves for the future tournaments. Our government people will be interested to see this website because it shows some seriousness. And It won't be difficult for us to get local sponsorship for the future tournaments.

5 tgf  
Great idea! The site does look very impressive at the moment, you can sell it to many authorities.

2 Sacks  
Well done job tgf. I have liked the photo,who won the 10x10 championship and where did it take place ?

3 tgf  
It is live, the tournament just started. You can even watch the games as they play!

1 tgf  
Two of the African players, Moussa Camara of New Guinea и Ndiaga Samb of Senegal could not attend, they were replaced by former World Champions Guntis Valneris and Anatoli Gantvarg.

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